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Your First Steps Toward Home Ownership

$ - Proof of Funds

$ - Lender Pre-Approval Letter

In this fast moving real estate market you are competing with investors who bring all cash and the ability to close escrow quickly with few contingencies.  What that means to you, my average home buyer, is that you must come equipped with these  two important documents -- before you even look at homes.

Proof of funds is simply a bank statement that shows you have the cash to pay the down payment, appraisal fees, inspection fees and closing costs. It can be printed out from your online account, or copied from your monthly paper bank statement.

Lender Prequalification Letter is a document from a lender stating that it has looked at your credit scores and finances and has deemed you qualified for a specific mortgage amount.  The process is usually quite easy and can often be done over the phone.  Asking and obtaining a prequalification letter comes with no obligation to use that lender once you’ve found the home you wish to buy, but it does guarantee you that you can indeed get a loan from the lender.

My three recommended lenders are listed here.  When you contact them, please tell them that Lori Aronsohn referred you and they will give you their most preferred service.

Citibank, Ari Tinoosh
818.723.0760    ari.tinoosh@citi.com
KPL, Conor Sutton
612.226.5800    conor@csloansolutions.com